Skin problems affect many people and can be a frustrating condition to overcome. 

Skin problems affect many people and can be a frustrating condition to overcome. Commercial advertisements falsely promise to cure your acne once and for all, and the media showcases unrealistically flawless skin on every model. Over-the-counter and prescription medications never truly cure the issues related to acne, rosacea, uneven skin tone, and other skin-related issues. Even prescription medications aimed at healing acne will only be able to cover up the symptoms of underlying problems without truly healing them. However, there is good news! Natural approaches to acne treatment alongside a healthy diet and exercise regimen can be surprisingly helpful for those who wish to have clearer skin. 

Here at Back to the Basics, one of our best-selling and most common treatments for acne and skin issues is called Blood Wash, by Dr. Michael James. We have sold this line of products for over 15 years and it continues to be one of our most trusted brands. Blood Wash contains a whole host of herbs which aim to treat the underlying causes of acne and skin problems. With this product, you won't simply be covering up the problem but will be treating your issues from the inside out. The result is beautiful, clear, radiant skin and a healthier bloodstream to go with it. Blood Wash helps with skin disorders, rashes, acne, cystic acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, and more.  


When the body has extra toxins that can’t be removed through the normal cleansing processes (sweating, respiration, urination, elimination), they are expelled through the skin. Blood Wash helps to remedy this issue by providing your body with an herbal approach to blood cleansing and purifying, along with an increase of circulation to the skins' surface.  If rash, irritation, skin eruption, or other similar things are present, the bloodstream needs to be cleaned. When the acne is believed to be a result of a hormonal balance, Blood Wash is often used alongsideHappy-O (for young men) and Tonic F (for young ladies).

Another benefit from the use of this formula is a marked decrease of memory loss, likely due to an increase of blood circulation to the brain.  Many times, high blood pressure is the result of poor circulation. In these cases, Blood Wash works particularly well, especially for those recently diagnosed.       

            Traditional use of the contents: Chickweed has been used for blood poisoning and skin diseases, also for reducing high cholesterol and high triglycerides. Plantain has been used for blood poisoning and helps in the filtration of the kidneys. Dandelion Root has been used to clean the liver, gallbladder, lymphatic and the skin.  Burdock Root has been used to purify the blood and lymph glands.  Yellow Dock Root has been used as an overall cleansing agent, and for increasing hemoglobin, as it is high in natural iron.  Red Clover has been used to help clean the bowels as well as the blood.  Cayenne has been used as a catalyst for the herbs with which it is combined.


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