Clinic Consultations

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Donna Chambers to begin your journey of health and wellness. During this appointment, Dr. Donna will go over all of your health concerns, health history, and your goals for your health. She will answer your questions about alternative medicine and recommend supplements that will help you overcome your current struggles and reach your optimum level of health. Dr. Donna Chambers has helped many patients to overcome chronic illnesses and become healthy and happy once again. Her long track record of providing care and compassion to the people of Valencia County is proof that her method works for those who are committed to try it. Dr. Donna has over fifteen years of experience and extensive education in the field of natural medicine. With her help, you will be able to overcome your ailments and be healthier than you've ever been. 

This initial consultation is important for Dr. Donna to help you uncover the root of your issues and determine a plan of action. Before your appointment you must complete the clinic intake form which is available online or in-store. Once you complete this form you can book an appointment for your first consultation. 


Please complete this intake form before you book your first appointment. It is very important in helping the practitioner get a sense of your overall health.


Done with the forms? You're ready to book your appointment! All consultations are completed in the doctor's office in Back to the Basics.