Bronchitis Tea is a Back to the Basics original herbal blend. This blend is a must-have for cold and flu season. These herbs help ease discomfort due to coughs, sore throat, congestion, and help promote respiratory health so your lungs get healthier and stronger at the same time!


Wild Cherry Bark helps to ease pain, treat cold symptoms such as coughing and congestion, and reduce fever. You can even find this herb in many over the counter cold medicines! Mullein is a powerful disinfectant and antibacterial herb which, when ingested, can help to kill virusus that cause illness. It is also an anti-inflammatory which means it helps to reduce inflammation within the body. In this blend, it helps to soothe the pain associated with coughing and other respiratory issues. Coltsfoot is known for its ability to fight coughs and treat asthma, bronchitis, and respiratory fatigue. It also helps to soothe and treat sore throats associated with illness. Red Clover is another powerful anti-inflammatory herb which helps to ease pain. It is also traditionally used as an antioxidant and immune booster, meaning it can help you get over your sickness even faster. Last but definitely not least, Eucalyptus is well-known as a powerful decongestant. It helps to open up the airways and reduce congestion within the chest and sinuses. It is also has powerful antimicrobial properties which make it valuable for fighting off ilnesses. 

Bronchitis Tea

  • Steep one teaspoon - one tablespoon in a cup of hot water. The stronger the tea, the better it works, but you can make it however you prefer. This tea can be consumed cold or hot, but for treating illnesses such as a cold it works best when it is hot. Add local raw honey for an extra health boost!