If you have a cough that hurts, and something ought to come out but it won’t, then this formula will help.  It helps move mucus out of the lungs so that the lungs can function properly.  I have used it for hay fever and asthma, and for any number of associated problems. Also, increasing the amount of water you ingest will make a significant difference in taking care of mucus problems, as water will emulsify mucous.

A few years after graduating from herbal college, I was called to the home of a man that was having asthma problems. His lungs were filled with mucus, because when he coughed you could hear it rumbling in his chest.  But the cough would bring nothing up. I made a tea that had been suggested to me by one of my instructors at school.  She always told us that using this formula may cause the person to vomit, but that this would be a good sign, because what they would vomit up would be mucus from their stomach and lungs.  I determined that this man needed some help immediately, and instituted this particular formula, not really expecting him to throw up.  It was quite an eye opener when he dashed to the bathroom and threw up about a quart of dark blackish-green stuff.  When he asked if this was normal, I patted him on the back and assured him that it was.  I never treated him again for asthma.  All the garbage that was in his lungs came up at one time.  It never reared it’s ugly head again. He had previously been treated by traditional medicine for this condition for some twenty years. What an experience!

Flem Up is a formula that has been designed to gently move mucus out of the lungs.  If mucus comes out of the body too fast, you must decrease the dosage.  Normal dosage for this formula is one capsule, three  times a day.  It can, however, be taken in much larger doses.  Anything over ten capsules a day could result in massive mucus movement.  If you must use large doses, you must also give the body a break, and only do this one or two days at a time.Follow it by two or three days of a regular dose, and then you can use a larger one again.  Be sensible.  This formula works, and works well.            

Traditional use of the contents: Black Cohosh Root has been used to help asthma, coughs and lung congestion, and as a superior anti-spasmodic. Slippery Elm Bark has been used to help move the mucus out of the lungs.  Lobelia has been used to relax the lungs and allow their normal function.  Lemon Grass is high in an easily assimilated version of vitamin A.  

Flem Up

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