Her-Mone is a female hormone supplement. If there are female disorders or problems, the primary formula to use is Tonic F. The formula of Her-Mone was more specifically designed for feminine problems relating to infertility. In the clinic, we have assisted in producing 60+ babies from infertile couples. It is really a joy to be able to help people achieve pregnancy, to bring into their families the children they want to have.


In order to understand the signs of fertility, there are several things that must be discussed. Im going to tell you how to conceive: if you want to control the size of your family, then you need to pay attention, because if you understand and know how to conceive, you will then know how not to conceive.


If infertility is your challenge its going to take 6 months before you can even consider a pregnancy. For the first 3 months, take Tonic-F (6 a day) and Her-Mone (3 a day). In the 4th to 6th months take Tonic-F (3 a day) and Her-Mone (6 a day). After this 6 month period, pay attention to the signs of your fertility, and when you see them, call your companion home. Her-Mone is a formula that we use for infertility, and it is also used in pre-menopausal symptoms such as scratchiness and breast tenderness.


Traditional use of the contents: False Unicorn has been used in overcoming infertility, and for relief of female problems, including miscarriage and cramps. Squaw Vine has been used in preparing for childbirth, and in helping with menstrual and nervous disorders. Black Cohosh has been used to help with female hormone problems, including menstrual disorders, menopause and hot flashes. It also decreases bleeding after childbirth. Goldenseal has been used to tone the female organs. Wild Yamhas been used to help female hormone problems, and menstrual and nervous disorders, and also to encourage ovulation.

580 mg per cap

Contains: False Unicorn, Squaw Vine, Black Cohosh, Goldenseal, Wild Yam.


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