HRT is one of the many circulatory formulas in the Dr. James line, but this formula is specific for heart function, to tone and strengthen the heart muscle.  The heart muscle is a really needy organ; if it is not fed properly and doesn’t get its needed nutrients, it has problems.  This formula is good for many heart-related conditions, ranging from congestive heart problems to angina.  HRT is a wonderful formula that helps strengthen the heart muscle and tone up its circulation, so that it can deal with stress much easier. 

Angina pain is not life threatening, but is the result of a threatening diet and life style.  There are those that say they have a family history of heart problems.  That’s true, to the extent that you inherited your family’s diet and lifestyle.  If you can change those two factors, you may be able to avoid being plagued by those coronary weaknesses.

In more severe heart conditions, these diet suggestions are also beneficial when coupled with this herbal formula. Do not take any herbal formula with any chemical medication: many times, herbs will negate the time-release factor of the chemicals.  Rather, chemicals and herbs should be taken separately, and a minimum of one hour apart.

            Traditional use of the contents: Hawthorn has been used to clean the arteries and veins, to normalize blood pressure, and to tone the heart, along with its nerves and muscles.  Rosemary has been used to reduce the effects of stress on the nervous system and muscles.  Capsicum has been used to help heart rhythm and circulation.  Kelp contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B12, C and E.  Lobelia has been used to relax the muscles and nervous systems.


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