Our raw local honey is the best you'll find! We purchase our honey directly from a local family of beekeepers and bottle it in-store. It is unpasteurized and unfiltered, meaning it has many medicinal properties on top of being an excellent sweetener! Our honey is always fresh and never heated. 


Raw local honey has so many incredible health benefits, but here are just a few:


1. Seasonal Allergies - local honey is one of the best treatments for common seasonal allergies. Unfiltered honey contains bee pollen which is well-known for its ability to fight allergies (when purchased from local beekeepers). Consuming this pollen is similar to getting an allergy shot - but all-natural! Your body will eventually build a higher tolerance to local allergens which cause you to get those symptoms. Soon you won't have to deal with nasal sprays and allergy pills because your body will be able to fight the intruding allergens all on its own. 

2. Weight Management - Replacing your normal sugar or corn syrup with honey can help you lose weight and lower blood sugar. Honey in its raw form is much easier for the body to process compared to sugar, corn syrup, and even calorie-free (but chemical-full) artificial sweeteners. So put down the splenda and instead reach for local honey. Your body will thank you!

3. All-Natural Cough Syrup - Raw honey is an excellent cough suppresent, and much easier to give children than your usual over-the-counter cough syrup. Honey helps to reduce mucous secretion while also helping to suppress coughs and treat itchy or sore throats. A teaspoon of honey directly in the mouth is the reccomended dose and it's tasty too.

Raw Local NM Honey