THROB EAZ is a very simple formula, made from PeppermintWood Betony and Rosemary.  It’s very, very simple, yet very effective in helping to deal with pain.  If an individual had taken pain medication, and then they take THROB EAZ, they’re going to say they are nothing alike.  What a compliment! THROB EAZ does not control the body, and make a person pass out or walk around in a daze. It increases the circulation and supports the nervous system, so that the nervous system can deal with the pain.  It does not take the pain away, it simply helps the body deal with it better.


Consider: If you had an automobile, and you were driving down the road, and it started making a terrible noise, it wouldn’t make sense to put ear plugs in your ears. But that’s what we do when we take pain medication.  The pain medication actually numbs the system. It  helps people to ignore that they are in pain.  Killing the pain merely increases the chance of further injury.  THROB EAZ does not do that.  If you move or jar something, you are still going to know that you hurt. 

THROB EAZ is something that everyone needs in their cupboard.  Why reach for a toxic, poisonous and addictive chemical pain killer, when THROB EAZ is so easy to take.  You don’t have to take ten at a time; one works perfectly fine. Try to find the minimum dose that will give you relief.  After a time your body will catch up, and it will start to repair itself. THROB EAZ will help you deal with the pain; just don’t forget to deal with the problem.

Traditional use of the contents: Peppermint Leaf has been used for pain, nerve disorders, headache and insomnia. Rosemary Leaf is used for circulatory problems, allergies, nervous allergies, pain and digestive pain. Wood Betony is used for headaches, pain and nerve disorders.

Throb Eaz

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